Spring Esteppe



  1. Posted by isuckdrphilstoes, — Reply

    Why they chin so long

  2. Posted by theotterman, — Reply

    if y’all are gonna use essential oils please don’t use doterra or young living, both are equally disgusting

  3. Posted by britneyfru, — Reply

    you can also make it with honey, lemon juice and sugar. It makes your lips pink, soft and healthy :D

  4. Posted by silverlinedcherries, — Reply

    I just exfoliate with a toothbrush.....plumps them and adds redness (which i like)

  5. Posted by destineenwankwochukelu, — Reply

    you should not put essential oil on your lips. Just a setup for drier lips!

  6. Posted by nehamohanlal, — Reply

    Wait, so it will still work if you don’t use any essential oil?

  7. Posted by lynndara9196, — Reply

    Or mix sugar with lemon juice trust me

  8. Posted by qualizabethen, — Reply

    👏don’t👏support👏doTERRA👏 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  9. Posted by nqncy67, — Reply

    Can I do this with lavender essential oil?

  10. Posted by krisakharel3136, — Reply

    Without the rose scent is it still fine?

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